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Innovation Quality Service Value

Corporate Vision
The establishment of a management science and technology, leading environmental level, excellent staff quality, advanced corporate culture, sustainable development of the world's first-class sphygmomanometer and peripheral auxiliary business

The strategic Objectives
"Three steps" strategic objectives:
1¡¢ by 2015, the formation of industrial characteristics prominent, significant advantages in resources and location, occupies an important position in the industry and has a strong influence on the sphygmomanometer and peripheral auxiliary processing enterprises.
2¡¢ to 2018, continued to improve the product development and design, "Fu Ken" own brand to the Chinese market and foreign markets, so that consumers are using "Fu Ken" brand. And in the market has a certain degree of visibility and influence plus.
3¡¢to 2022, as the overall strength of the mainland and at home and abroad the most professional sphygmomanometer and peripheral accessories processing enterprises, increase efforts to product development and design in the industry a significant world-class sphygmomanometer business.

The Spirit of Enterprise
Dedicate green technology to serve the public
Interpretation: "dedication of green technology, to serve the public", shows the Xubang company determined to provide quality products for the community, the courage to assume the social value of the social responsibility of state-owned enterprises, indicating that the development strategy of Xu Bang's value connotation.

Corporate Values
"People, honesty, and, real, excellent" five yuan values
People: people-oriented
Integrity: integrity services
And: harmony and win-win situation
Real: pragmatic
Excellent: innovation excellence
The following are the same as the "

Corporate Philosophy
1, the work of the concept: planning procedures to amend excellence
2, business philosophy: integrity cost efficiency and efficiency of full The following are the same as the "
3, the concept of talent: want to be able to do things dry matter cadres do
4, management philosophy:Achieve continuous improvement in key management
5, clean concept: clean and clean people doing things clean

Corporate Image

Excellent modern private enterprise
Excellent market competition subject

Employee Image

There is ideology and morality and culture


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